At the fair.

I have always loved fairs, since I was kid. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy them 3 times a year. I was really surprised when one night Adina and I went to buy some ice cream and we saw the lights in the distance. We decided to check it out and […]

Family clashes.

There are people that are quite lucky with their families, they have nice relationships with each close member and in general once they form their own family, this keeps being the same. It can also happen that the family of their partner is equally welcoming and they are able to become friends. However, sometimes few […]

Spring birthday.

Yesterday was Adina’s birthday! A very happy day for her and me. Even though it was all planned several weeks ago I couldn’t execute the part with the breakfast in bed since Adina woke up before me. That is why we had breakfast normally, at the table. I made her —her favorite— banana and yoghurt […]