Cooking and relationships.

Both Adina and I enjoy cooking. We cook together —if not every day— almost every day. It helped us grow as a couple and as an individual. While cooking and relationships might be two different topics that don’t really mash together for many people, spending time in the kitchen as a couple can help strengthen the […]

At the fair.

I have always loved fairs, since I was kid. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy them 3 times a year. I was really surprised when one night Adina and I went to buy some ice cream and we saw the lights in the distance. We decided to check it out and […]

Spring birthday.

Yesterday was Adina’s birthday! A very happy day for her and me. Even though it was all planned several weeks ago I couldn’t execute the part with the breakfast in bed since Adina woke up before me. That is why we had breakfast normally, at the table. I made her —her favorite— banana and yoghurt […]