Spring birthday.

Yesterday was Adina’s birthday! A very happy day for her and me. Even though it was all planned several weeks ago I couldn’t execute the part with the breakfast in bed since Adina woke up before me. That is why we had breakfast normally, at the table. I made her —her favorite— banana and yoghurt […]

Supporting your partner.

Movies and pop culture have made us believe that we and our partner are “meant to be” everything in our lives will be easy and if it is not we simply are with the wrong person. Truth is there will be good and bad moments, easy and hard times. In good times we should not […]

Dating mistakes.

People make lots of mistakes when it comes to relationships. Whether they are caused from lack of experience or living on the fast lane and being impatient, it doesn’t matter. Most of these mistakes cause you to be “stuck” in a bad situation that causes you pain or breaks the relationship between you and the […]