What babysitting together revealed to us.

Last summer Iliyan and I were entrusted to take care of a friend’s children for a week while she was going to meet her beloved. Her kids were two boys full of energy, she told us what to do in certain situations and what things/clothes they brought with them. To be honest I was excited, she was a nice friend and babysitting with my partner would definitely be fun and show us many things about ourselves.

Since we were one per child, we could always give both attention, when we had to cook one could stay with them and make sure they do not fight for their toys, when we made them take a shower before bed Iliyan could dry one of them and I could take care of the other one. If we ever needed help because we were doing something else at the moment, my mother or brother could also keep an eye on them.

My sweet cupcake helping the youngest to put his stickers in the book.

Since they had a lot of energy they needed us most of the time, however it helped a lot that we went to the park almost everyday, because most of their energy would go in their playing, once we would get home, eat dinner and shower, they would fall asleep pretty fast.

In general we did not have many problems, of course sometimes we were a bit lost how to tackle a certain situation, because ultimately it is not our child and we do not know what their parent would do, but in most cases Iliyan would try his best and do something, or my mother would help out. I had a bit of a hard time the last few days because I had cramps and had almost no energy, but children still have it and need your guidance! So it was a bit of a battle with myself to be patient, but my partner helped me along the way and took most of the chores or play times of the boys upon himself. I felt at that moment, that one day he would be a wonderful father. He was always patient and kind to them, no matter if they were throwing a tantrum or being naughty, he would give them time and resolve the situation almost with ease.

Looking back to that experience I am glad we took care of them, it might have been challenging at times but we definitely learned quite a bit from ourselves as possible future parents — whenever that step in our life may come. Even if you love someone they might not be compatible with you in this area, you might clash quite a lot, or discover they do not have much ‘talent’ for it. We have discussed the topic of child upbringing and education several times, I was happy to discover our values and ideas are almost the same, this experience showed us that what we had said in the past were not just empty words, as the saying goes “actions speak louder than words”.


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