Our feline sunshines.

Iliyan and I both grew up with cats, not since we were babies, but certainly since we were in our early teens. Maybe also because of that, we both wish to have our own cat (our cats!) at some point. I have always liked cats, so when our cat, Mitsi, came to our lives, both me and my brother were very happy.

Mitsi came one day through our garden, he was a bit cautious of us but was quite friendly at the same time, which surprised us, since we thought he was a stray cat, but he was quite well kept and seemed to be familiarized with people. We offered him food and at some point he went away, in all honesty we thought we would never see him again, we lived in a small village, cats were no rarity. But he came back some weeks later, then again after few days, and again… and again, until he was coming everyday without fail. At some point we started buying cat food.

Eventually, we ended up sort of adopting Mitsi, he became part of the family; much to the despair of my father, he was never used to animals as a child, so he can not feel comfortable around them, much less live with them, yet, even for him this adoption was sort of natural, many times he was the one feeding him.

The elegant, jade eyes, Mitsi.

He slept inside the home as well, not everyday or always, but many times. My mother would not allow him inside her bed or my brother’s, but I did, at some point he realized that and went only to my bed. Although sometimes it was hard to find him, he could sleep in many places, once we spent over half an hour looking for him, he turned up to be sleeping in my baby toy carriage, I found it very sweet to be honest, so I took most of my plushes away, put a special blanket for him so he could go there whenever he wanted. Another thing we did a lot was watching a film while letting him sleep on our laps, either mine or my brother’s (in winter we sometimes would argue whom would get him on his lap).

He was a very kind, playful and calm cat.

When we moved from Spain to Romania we had to decide whether to take that black fluff ball or not, we decided not to because in reality he never was ours, he had probably lived all his life in the village, taking him away from that environment of freedom to move around, having a nice garden where to play and relax to a small apartment in the middle of the city would have been too hard on him. Cats are not really meant to live in an apartment, if they are brought up there since they are babies they will accommodate to that, but changing when the cat is already well past his infant years is usually only painful for them.

But I must confess, that sometimes I miss him. I do not know what happened to him, whether he is in good health or even if he died, which truly pains me. But he will always be in my heart.

Iliyan’s cat’s name is Jesi, she is very energetic and quite wild, much more than Mitsi was at least! She can let you touch her and maybe hold her for a bit, but she does not sit for long with you, she is also quite in command when it comes to where she will sleep at night. I met her three times so far and I tried my best to not invade her personal space too much, I wanted her to get used to me and decide on her own whether she likes me or not. I really love her, as does Iliyan.

The wild —not so wild at the moment— sweet, Jesi.

My beloved told me that Jesi has a strange and funny habit of sitting on the hand of anybody from the family while they are using the mouse from the computer, it is a bit as if you are the egg and she is the chicken laying the egg. In the winter time, she uses her parkour abilities to get on the highest furniture in the house so she can be warm (since the warm air gathers around the ceiling).

She is a cute and wild cat.

Hug your cranky and lovely cat companions, they are to me and Iliyan like a brother or a sister, as such, we miss them dearly and hope to see them once again soon.


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