That “pang” of craziness.

A few weeks ago we were spending a calm Wednesday. We had waken up rather late and had just started the day by watching some videos, eating salted pretzels and cuddling in bed. We were also talking about our plans for the week, I wanted at some point to go to IKEA to check on one product in particular when suddenly Iliyan says: ‘What if we go now to IKEA?’.

The queen of the fairies and her army of cute plushies.

Now, for those who do not know, IKEA is quite far away from my place, specially considering we are tight on budget and avoid public transport at all costs, so if we would go, it would be by bicycle, which would take around an hour and a half. It was already three in the afternoon, would we have time to look around and also come back at a reasonable hour? Well, to be honest we did not think too much about it, I thought it out for five minutes and then said ‘Let’s go!’.

We dressed prettily and Iliyan looked carefully at the streets that could take us to IKEA, designing the perfect route for us. What did that mean? That the cycling towards the shop was amazing. It was mostly next to a wide river, a tram line and loads of trees and fields.

The king of the fairies posing next to the realm he takes care of.

After an hour and a half we arrived to IKEA and left our bicycles outside to enter the realm of the infinite shop. Well, not quite, but it takes hours to go through it while checking what they have. We came with the idea to look through everything and get what we needed.

I know one can not do this “let’s just go” sort of activity always, but doing it once in a while is actually very good, both for yourself and for your relationship. New things and specially unexpected things give a breath of fresh air to your mind, your heart, your relationship and/or friendship, etc. Do not misunderstand me, routine and little habits that you do everyday on your own and with your partner/family are also good, it brings certain stability and calmness to your life, but a pang of craziness is definitely also recommended.

Fancy some soup?

We had a lot of fun running around the enormous shop, we actually bought some stuff we did not even plan on buying! Like a pair of small and beautiful plates and two pillows for the bed that we —desperately— needed. I would have even bought a small table (the one we have was given to us by the landlord and is not in great shape) but as I said, we do have a limit to our monthly budget, so we left that for another time.

Iliyan bought me a starry lantern as a present so I can put our small candles in there and not burn the table — yes, it has happened many, many times, more than I want to think about. I am super happy with that present, we use it quite frequently since he gifted it to me.

The magical lantern and the pretty plates; all fit for an enchanted evening while eating a berry cake, the queen’s favourite.

I particularly enjoyed the talks about what we wanted in our future house (whenever that stage in our life will come) it gave us an insight in what we both want and imagine, luckily we have very similar tastes so there was not much to discuss so as to reach a middle ground.

The cycling back was late at night, the hours flew when we were inside, we spent roughly three hours looking around, talking and shopping. The day turned to be one crazy dose of wonderful adrenaline full of excitement and love.

A royal portrait.

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