Supporting your partner’s hobbies.

We all have things we love doing during our free time and are passionate about. Things we spend a lot of effort and time in and get lots of joy out of it. Yet, nothing beats the feeling of dragging our loved ones into our little worlds.

I love doing many things, but my main hobbies have to be model trains and video games. Ever since I was kid I loved trains and things related to them, I loved them so much that one of my dreams is to have a private train and go around the world with it! As for video games, I grew up with them and it was something that always managed to entertain me, distract me from my problems and bring me some joy. That is why I was really happy when Adina wanted to play some games with me, we started playing “World of Warcraft”, later we played “Starbound” and “Don’t Starve Together”. And I was on cloud seven when she got me a model train.

Adina on the other hand, even though she also has lots of interests, some of them are music, reading and the Japanese Lolita fashion. I love listening to music, but that is how far I went. Now that I am part of her life and I want to support her interests I also got her to teach me few basic things. So, lately, I too read things on my own about the music world. 

The little BR80 train carrying a small passenger.

I think few things are truly important when it comes to supporting our loved ones and encouraging their hobbies is one of them.

1. Show interest.

While the stereotype is that the partner is not supposed to butt in the hobbies of their significant other because this is their personal time (and in a way, to get away from them), I think it is much better if we do show some interest and get involved. I am not saying you should come to love what they do, but asking them questions about it, or gifting them something that has to do with their hobby will make them very happy and feel like you truly care and listen to them.

2. Join them.

Although asking questions, showing interest and giving them gifts will make them happy, joining them from time to time and engaging with them in their hobby would make them even more happy. Just a word of caution, while most people are excited to get new people into their hobbies, explain them things and tell them stories, joining them in a competitive environment will most likely backfire. If your partner is not chasing victory on 100% and he is fine with you joining him even though it may cost them victory, please do, but it would be good to talk about it beforehand.

3. Keep them on the ground.

It is good to encourage your beloved in their adventures trough their magical worlds, it is also very important to keep them on the ground. There are people who would do anything for their hobby, from getting big loans to buy things they can’t afford, to rendering most of their house impossible to live in. We should bring common sense to our partners and try to talk them out of things that would be harmful for them and for you as a family. After all, we are in a relationship and might even have children, we should think of our hobbies but also of our families.


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