Cooking and relationships.

Both Adina and I enjoy cooking. We cook together —if not every day— almost every day. It helped us grow as a couple and as an individual.

While cooking and relationships might be two different topics that don’t really mash together for many people, spending time in the kitchen as a couple can help strengthen the bond between the two of you; regardless of how much you or your partner are into cooking.

You don’t need to be a culinary master to enjoy a cooking night with your partner. You don’t even have to go after very complicated dishes. Take a pan, some eggs, scramble them and voilà you just cooked a meal with your partner.

Cooking with your partner has several benefits for you and your significant other.

Making banitsa (Bulgarian dish) together this past Christmas, I was teaching her how to make it.

1. Learning together.

No matter the level of cooking knowledge and skill you have, there is always going to be more to learn and improve. If, however, you are a complete beginner and you have no idea which knife to use for what, or how to prepare certain things, just ask your partner, maybe they know, maybe they don’t! If that is the case you both have the chance to learn by looking it up on the internet or in a cooking book.

Best part is that this is not a competition, it is all about enjoying each other’s company and making something delicious. You also learn how to work as a team, spend good time together and learn something new, plus eat at the end of the activity.

2. Being engaged and communicating.

While watching TV is not that much of an engaging activity with your partner, cooking decently, is. Cooking requires good amounts of communication (just like any other team effort) in order for things to get done, even big professional kitchens can suffer because of lack of communication. That is why cooking also strengthens the relationship from communication point of view.

3. Time over money.

While cooking at home can save you money, it can also bring you to bankruptcy! What is more important is spending time in the kitchen with your partner, not the prices of the ingredients. While we do benefit from cooking with fancy products, going out of our way to buy high end ingredients will not really benefit us much more than the things you can buy locally for a much better price but similar quality. All I am trying to say is: Don’t be TOO fancy. Although putting some extra effort and fanciness from time to time is good and really appreciated! It is still more important the time that is spent in the kitchen together, than the money that went into the products.

One of our daily delicious meals.

4. Enjoying the results.

Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from seeing the other person enjoying themselves while eating a dish you know you were part of its making.

It is a huge joy to see all that hard work and effort paying off, even when sometimes things won’t turn as we wanted them. Believe me, I know how frustrating  it is when this happens, but it has also helped me to learn and perfect those dishes that were not as great as I wanted them to be. Now I can make them much better than in the beginning and spin them into different directions by modifying them.

As a little bonus, in this week’s article I will include this simple cake recipe from my grandmother that both Adina and I love. It is easy to make and goes very well as an afternoon snack with some tea.


  • 2 eggs.
  • 150g sugar.
  • 100g yoghurt.
  • 70ml oil.
  • 150g flour.
  • Half teaspoon of baking soda.
  • 5g of baking powder.
  • Half teaspoon of pure powder cocoa.
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla (powder or liquid).
Totoro, the god of cakes will bless your cake! — This one has coco and chocolate flakes on top.
  1. Beat the eggs and the sugar in a bowl.
  2. Now add the baking soda in the yogurt. Wait for a minute and then pour the oil into the yogurt. Mix well and add this to the egg and sugar mixture.
  3. The baking powder is mixed with the flour previously and then both are added bit by bit into the mixture while slowly mixing them with the other ingredients.
  4. Put 1/3 of the mixture in a separate cup and mix the cocoa powder in it. To the remaining 2/3 add the vanilla and mix.
  5. Pour half of the vanilla mixture into a cake form. Then pour the cocoa mixture on top. Lastly, cover it with the rest of the vanilla mixture.
  6. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees with the fan setting.

Extra tips:

★ To avoid burning the top of the cake you can cover the cake form with aluminium foil for most of the baking process.

★ Oil the cake form so it doesn’t stick to it.

Enjoy your cake with tea and your sweet duckling. — A message from Adina.

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      We wish you best of luck with your relationship and to get together with your boyfriend as soon as possible! We know how hard (and exciting) it is. We are also working on closing in the distance.
      Thank you for your comment!


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