At the fair.

I have always loved fairs, since I was kid. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy them 3 times a year. I was really surprised when one night Adina and I went to buy some ice cream and we saw the lights in the distance. We decided to check it out and all excited we started biking towards the park where the fair had settled its tents and attractions.
The only place where you can bump into somebody for cutting you without consequences.

When we arrived we were welcomed by bright colorful lights, loud music, few drunk people, and lots of screams and laughter. Walking among all those sweets shops, shooting ranges and attractions brought so many memories back. I have not been to a fair in about 2 years and now, going for the first time with Adina made it so much more exciting. The only problem was that we had her backpack with us that we were supposed to fill up with ice-cream, sadly that prevented us from being able to ride the most exciting ride in the fair. So we decided to call it a day and come some other time on a date.

Adina and I at the fair.

Few days later we were back, ready to conquer the fair! We went on the biggest and scariest ride! I was never afraid of those rides, to me they just bring excitement, I was a bit worried about Adina, but it turned out she had great time on it too. We also enjoyed some nice churros after the ride. It was a great experience that I would like to repeat and improve next year!

Delicious, crunchy churros.

Small guide on how to survive a fair and get the most of it!

There are 3 main things that a fair has:

  1. The rides and attractions.
  2. The food and merchandise.
  3. The prize winning games and arcades.

In order to get most of the fair and not go broke it is better to decide on what you want to focus and what gives you most joy.

If it is the rides and attractions…

Walking around through the whole ground of the fair and seeing what rides and attractions there are is important if you have a set amount of money like most human beings out there. Many times as a kid I would jump on the first rides I saw only to regret it later when I found something I wanted to go on much more than those previous ones. So make one lap around, see what is there, scout the prices too (sometimes there may be two or three of the same ride/attraction with some variation in the price). Now that you have scouted all the rides and you made a list of what you want to go on, go and have fun! Just don’t forget to eat after the rides and not before!
The ride we went on!

If it is food and merchandise…

Fairs brings many sweets and fast foods that usually you can’t really find in the city otherwise, I am a big fan of cotton candy and sadly I am yet to see a stand that works even when there isn’t a fair or a big holiday. My advice is to get the things that you can’t really find otherwise in your city. While it is not a must, it simply enables you to get most of the fair, since you can go and buy those other things any other day and on a much better price. Many fairs also have merchandise like toys or trinkets – same rule is applied here – prioritize the things that you can’t normally find outside of a fair.

Sweet fairy.

If it is prize winning games and arcades…

This one is tough, because we get a sense of accomplishment from trying to win those pesky big plushy toys, but we also spend more money than we really should on those games. In reality, there is only one rule here – if you are after the toy, just go and buy it in the city, if not then just enjoy challenging your skills and luck just for the pure joy of the chance! But be mindful of how much you spent and don’t end up like my drunk uncle who spent 3 times more money for a toy only because he wanted to show everyone he could win the damn thing.☺If you are after the prize and just want to try out your luck 1-2 times on the game, stay for few minutes and watch other people playing, see their mistakes and see if you can improve your chance without having to pay any money, after all smart people learn from their mistakes and wise people from other peoples’ mistakes.

So many toys to be won, so little money.

All and all just have fun! After all not every day there is a fair in town, unless you live in a city with an amusement park.


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