Spring birthday.

Yesterday was Adina’s birthday! A very happy day for her and me. Even though it was all planned several weeks ago I couldn’t execute the part with the breakfast in bed since Adina woke up before me. That is why we had breakfast normally, at the table. I made her —her favorite— banana and yoghurt with some pure cacao powder and apple. After breakfast we spent some time together, lazing around.

Delicious morning breakfast.

Later in the day, Adina had a call with one of her closest friends and her brother, meanwhile I was preparing sushi and miso soup for lunch. Adina also helped me a bit with the sushi since I was busy with the soup, so she did row up several sushis on her own.

Sushi and miso soup lunch.

We had a nice lunch while watching “I Dream of Jeannie” (an American fantasy and comedy sitcom from the 60s). After lunch came time for the cake! I made it the day before her birthday since it takes a lot of time to prepare and I wanted to give her all my time on her birthday.

Preparing the Queen’s cake.

I made her a “Maccha Opera Cake”. Originally the opera cake is made with coffee, but since Adina doesn’t like coffee in sweets I made it with lemon and I added the Japanese green tea to make it more Japanese and give it a nice touch. I was really worried whether she will like it since it is something usually she will condemn if it is from a shop (industrially made). For my relief she enjoyed it big time and really liked it (I was quite proud of my achievement myself).

Little crooked piano and “Maccha Opera Cake”.

I also made a little decoration to accompany the cake —  a chocolate piano! I put a lot of effort into it, but it didn’t turn out as good and professional as I wanted it to be… Even though I know I don’t have the experience and tools to make one I still got really upset from the result, but Adina liked it so I guess I will let it slide this year!!!!! But next time I will make 3000 if I have to, ‘till I make it perfect!

Last but not least, the gift! I gave her a set of color pens (for which I ended up biking 28 kilometers to get them). It was killing me to see her try and use her old ones and say that they were not working properly anymore since they were old… So I got her a whole new set that she can use to write and draw with. I wrapped it into a copy of a score of a song she loves – “Ариа на Зорница” to complete the music theme of the birthday.

Pocket rainbow.

Even though it took me a lot of time and effort to prepare everything I wanted to do and make for her birthday, seeing her so happy made it all worth it. So much that I kind of wish she had a birthday every day.


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