“Un año en Fairy Oak”.

April is my favourite month of the year, I had been lately going through life without reading anything and frankly, I missed it quite a lot, so I decided to read something today. It is Sunday, it is April and the sun is shining, perfect day!

“Un año en Fairy Oak” (A Year in Fairy Oak) is a book by Elisabetta Gnone, an Italian writer and journalist who is mostly known for being one of the co-creators of the comic books “W.I.T.C.H.” and the trilogy “Fairy Oak”. She continued to expand the universe of Fairy Oak with four other books and lastly this short diary of the main characters in the form of a light novel full of illustrations.

Blossoming trees, warm sunlight and the company of whom I love while reading a sweet book.

I have read all the previous books and loved them dearly, so it was not unusual that as soon as I heard about this new volume I went to buy it and see what else it would add to the magical world of Verdellano (the name of the place where the village lies).

Vainilla and Pervinca, twins who could not be any more different, decide to write together a diary in a way to bring each other closer, they also encourage their friends, family and fellow neighbors to write and add their own version of things that happen, thus the diary slowly becoming a lovely book of memories of Fairy Oak.

The way the twins write in it reminded me a lot of the way I, myself, write in my own diary, not only that, also the style that one of my best friends writes in (we have a similar style). Some of the things they describe made me think of the long summers I spent at her home, I remember them quite fondly.

The illustrations and decorations of the pages, or different fonts depending on who writes, added a lot to the diary, made it more personal and it also made me go slower to appreciate each tiny piece of art and detail. It goes through one year in the village where the twin witches live and magical people and non-magical share their days in a tight community.

It can be enjoyed even without reading the previous books that develop the story, but I do think that most people would not enjoy it as much if they have no previous knowledge of the characters and everything that is natural in this world. Since the characters mention things that talk about themselves, their quirks, interests, fears, passions, etc. However, I do plan on writing a recommendation on the main books at some point.

For one day I was under the charming Oak of Verdellano, watching everyone live their simple yet magical lives in Fairy Oak, while enjoying the warm sun and the breeze that rustled the leaves of the ancient tree. Happy month of April!


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