Can a long distance relationship work in the long run?

Yes. Definitely. But I understand that many people have stories of failure with them, because I also think it is not easy to find the right person for it. Ideally, you would be a few blocks away from the person you love, with time maybe even in the same apartment. But one does not choose with whom they fall in love, so suddenly we find ourselves in a long distance relationship.

I came across a bar chart that showed how long people had been with their significant others in a long distance relationship, in a way, it was measuring the success rates of this form of relationship. I was not surprised completely by what I saw, the first half a year and year had the tallest bar, but after the bar of one to two years, it steadily decreased to almost nothing. So, why is this?

I do not really have the answer, but I do have a few ideas and I thought it would be interesting to share them, to give people an insight on what to expect when fighting through the distance together.

Trust is one of the key things, some people need more assurance some less, it all depends with the individual, in my case we were lucky, because both my fiancé and myself wanted a lot of each other’s time so we would put at least an hour a day of call when either —or both of us— were busy. I must confess I never felt anxious or that I did not trust him, he was always there, as I was there for him.

Prince Iliyan carrying princess Adina (through love and life).

You also have the lack of physical contact, for 99% of the people this is something very important, a hug, a caress, a soft kiss can do much more than anything else, it gives you energy, not having it at all can be hard at times, that is why it is important to communicate a lot and to try to go and see your partner, even if it takes time, if you both want it, it will come.

Communication is also quite at the top, in many situations it is because one of them does not communicate their desires, problems, wishes, etc. I hardly understand how can any relationship work without it, much less when distance is between you. To make it work, you have to talk a lot.

Lastly I would add that a lot of people do not put time and effort, this is the way you are showing your love and interest for them, that you care for them, when you brush your partner aside all the time because of other things you show them they have little to no priority in your life.

I am well aware that sometimes it also happens that the person you were so interested in the beginning turns out to not be the best match for you, in which case I do think it would be better to go on your separate ways, clinging on to a relationship that is not working is also something we should be aware of. Try your best, but also do not push it when you have obviously done all you could.

I think those low bars could rise if people tried to develop individually and within the couple, learn from mistakes and take into account these points that I mentioned. If you love each other and put an effort to make things work, I am pretty sure you will make it in the long run.

My conclusion? Iliyan and I have been friends for four years and together as a couple for almost two years of those four, we are currently engaged and trying to be in the same country, so I am sure it can work, it takes patience, effort and lots of love, but it can be done and it is more than worth it.


3 thoughts on “Can a long distance relationship work in the long run?

  1. I’ve just a read a blog before yours that ldr becomes boring and monotonous, that there will be times you will be forced to say I love you or I miss you. I don’t agree at all. One thing is for sure, ldr is not for everyone. But for those who fit into it could have a wonderful relationship.

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    • But that argument is flawed from the beginning because that is not only inherent to long distance relationships, normal relationships can also get “monotonous” and boring. As for the “forced” to say “I love you” or “I miss you”, nobody really forced you, I do not know why you should say that all the time just for the sake of saying it. I think the same as you do, those are just fake arguments as to why you should not date when distance is involved.
      Yes, it is not for everyone, mostly because it takes two to make it work, many times the problem is that one is not putting the time and effort in it (for whatever reason it may be).

      Your comment made me really happy though! Getting feedback from readers is always something I appreciate. I hope you have a lovely day, Jimi!



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