The long walk of a young couple.

Before my Spring Holiday started, I already had talked with Iliyan about taking him out on a date, my plan was for almost everything to be a mystery for my beloved. I was busy in the beginning of the week and the weather kept being unstable so we waited some days until a good day to go out would come along… and it came!

A family of snowdrops I discovered a few minutes after Iliyan telling me for the first time these are one of his favorite flowers. Life truly is wondrous.

I dressed up in my quirky and fairytale style taking time to doll up while Iliyan was also prettying up. When I am busy and go to school I just wear comfortable things, since I have to bike so I do not completely wear what I would call my style. I like these sort of “special days” in which one puts more detail and effort into everything.

I wanted us to enjoy the day and walk to the center (which is quite far from my place) so we went at our own pace choosing different routes than we would usually take to get to the center. The reason for this was not only to change up the routine but also to see different things. We admired many houses and gardens and talked about random topics that had or not connection to what was around us.

Iliyan and I in the restaurant where we ate lunch.

When we reached the heart of the city I actually had trouble finding the restaurant to which I wanted to take him, he even offered to help me out if I gave him some hints or told him which was the place I wanted to go to, but I was determined to find it on my own and surprise him.

Ah! There it is.

The place was a pizzeria we had went together back in June of last year, we had really enjoyed the place, it had delicious food, good prices and a nice lively atmosphere. I went for a simple funghi pizza and my fiancé for one called le quattro stagioni.

Iliyan’s pizza!

After the lovely lunch we walked towards home but not the same route, a completely different one. We had planned to visit the Bulgarian and Romanian shop that we knew existed here —Den Haag never ceases to amaze me, I mean, the Bulgarians have their own church as well! Once we arrived at the Bulgarian one we looked around and decided to buy two items, the shopkeeper directly spoke to us in Bulgarian, I was pleasantly surprised (although I was a nervous wreck, my Bulgarian is still not the best). The Romanian shop was literally three minutes away, so we went to that place too. The lady in charge came from the back room and also greeted directly in her own language! My thoughts were along the lines of: “Please, what Dutch? We speak our own languages no matter where we are! As well as adding our flags in front of our shops, just in case anybody could make a mistake.” Gosh, I laughed about that for a long time. Then again, as Iliyan says, most people who come to these shops are Bulgarians or Romanians.

On the window is says “Bulgarian Rose”.

The stroll we took back was as delightful as ever, the sun was setting and the temperature began to lower itself steadily until I felt my cheeks all red from the coldness. Usually my feet start hurting after walking for a long time, yet I could not bring myself to care much about it that day.

In our own little room we warmed up and started watching an anime called “Mawaru Pingudoramu” while eating ice cream. The date finished with us playing “Borderlands 2” until very late.

Our life is a very long stroll, perhaps, an endless one full of adventures.


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