Adventures in the far north.

Currently Iliyan and I are together, we do not know for how long, but it does not matter much, one knows how it is when you are in a long distance relationship, one moment you are with them, the next you might need to say goodbye until next time. So our daily life is in a way mundane and at the same time enchanting.

“Okaeri Yan” (Welcome back Yan). Cake made out of crepes I wiped up with creativity and perseverance for Iliyan when he came here, to Holland.

My second semester at the conservatoire is proving to be much busier than last year, even than the first semester! Many new subjects, lots of rehearsals, extra projects, etc. It exhausts all my energies day after day, although at the same time, Iliyan gives me power even with a simple hug.

We discovered this shopkeeper cat who looked at us suspiciously at a local video games shop.

Not so long ago, I had to work on a Saturday for my conservatoire because they were having an “Open Day”. Essentially that meant that potential students could take a look around the school and also have a short private lesson with a teacher in the conservatoire. There were also open lessons of music as well as tables with people who provide information about whichever courses or studies you were interested in. I was a simple stewardess, I had to help out people when they did not know where “x” place was or at what hour there was “y” class.

Little puppy wanted a photo behind this prop that my school placed on the first floor.

Iliyan came with me to offer his support and sat down on a chair in the floor I was designated. Every time I had a few minutes of peace around the area I would run towards the place where he was reading “Stardust” and steal a kiss from him, it gave me strength. I sincerely cherished his effort to come with me, because two days ago he got sick from tiredness and breathing through his mouth while biking to get me on time to school (silly prince), he was still quite ill. Furthermore, the night before the Open Day he also made an obentou (Japanese lunch box) for me! His actions showed me more than he probably realized.

On the onigiri it is written in Japanese “Ganbatte”, which means “Do your best”.

A while after this busy Saturday, my beau was keen on making bread for me —I had made for him my first bread on his birthday as I mentioned on a previous post. We both ended up making bread, although he made his own recipe, never before tested! It was quite an honor. Our breads were distinct but delicious in their own ways, I experimented with olives and basil while my significant other left it more basic so it could easily combine with anything.

Iliyan with his bread: Too adorable for words! 

Miraculously I have been reading quite a bit since the new year started, 6 books as of yet. One of them at the same time as my sweetheart and another one I have read quite recently, was a book he bought for me as a surprise at the end of January, how joyous I was when I found that gift at the bottom of my school backpack…

Although rather haphazard, I am lately finding pleasure in walking, not only because taking a stroll is delightful, but because my company is the finest in the world. Whether we talk or relish in our shared silence, feeling his presence this way is on its own unique, it gives one time to enjoy one another, perhaps, in a distinct way to the one you would share at home.

Our journal and the flowers mentioned on a previous post that Iliyan gave to me after the first concert he ever came to in which I was singing; they are my little treasure.

Over the winter holidays I ordered a Spanish agenda called “Agenda de las Hadas” (Agenda of the Fairies) that in the past I used to buy every year and use mostly as a diary, last time I bought it was back in 2013, this year somehow I wished to buy it again, after talking it with Iliyan as well, he encouraging me to buy it, I finally decided to do so. Presently I am using it to document our daily lives, our joys, battles, studies, love, cherished moments and so on, I have always found writing relaxing; writing a bit everyday about our simple yet wondrous days makes me happy and gives me courage to work on our dreams.

By and large there are many happy and lovable moments as well as some struggles, I can only say that living with Iliyan, no matter where, is the biggest adventure in my life.


“To live will be an awfully big adventure.”

― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


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