I read this book for the first time a long time ago, I knew —even after all these years— that I had enjoyed it dearly, but that was the only thing I could remember from that first time I read it, everything else had been wiped out from my memory. In all honesty, I am quite happy about this, because this second time turned out to be more than enjoyable thanks to the fact that I had no idea what was going to happen, it was as if it was my first time! In a way, it was, because this was my first time reading it in English.

Both my beloved and I were reading it at the same time (the book is his, I gifted it to him over Christmas).

“Stardust” is a book by Neil Gaiman, a very well known English author of novels, comic books, graphic novels and many others. This book in particular was even brought to the screen back in 2007, although they are quite different, the whole atmosphere is changed in the film. I have not read any other work of his just yet, but after reading this novel again, I am seriously considering some of his other books.

Tristran Thorn lives in an English town called the Wall, where days pass on slowly and peacefully. The young boy is in love with Victoria Forester who shows no interest in him. One night, when they see a star fall, Tristran vows to bring her back that same star in exchange for her hand. To do this, he crosses the ancient wall that separates his town from the unknown magical world of Faerie and bravely sets out to fetch the fallen star.

I loved the way that the adventures, into Faerie, take place; it was months and months of travel, of chases and long days in the sky or walking through woods and vast lands (sometimes as a dormouse in a gypsy caravan) nonetheless, the story brings you along all these adventures. Tristran is rather childish in the beginning, but matures with time, Yvaine always seems like a wise yet silly young girl.

The magic within the tale is not the typical magic we see shown around us, it is the magic that somehow comes from nature, from the trees, the stars, the unicorns and the small sneaky and kind fairies. Definitely my kind of magic.

Surprisingly, it is a rather dark fairy tale and maybe because of that it has a hint of “realness” to it that other fairy tales do not have. I felt it throughout the whole story and specially once I reached the ending. I genuinely liked it. I thank the author for this lovely reading and I also thank my fiancé, Iliyan, the one who brings magic to my world and made me read the book once again.


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