Birthday fable.

Some days ago it was Iliyan’s birthday, yet many months ago I had little by little planned things for this day, I was more than jumpy, it was the first birthday we would spend together in one place, I wanted to make it special. Longer before Christmas I already had ordered a book I wanted to gift him, it was hard to not let him know anything of what I was doing, but I wanted to surprise him, to make him smile and feel loved with all my pampering.

Banana and yoghurt breakfast delivered to the bed!

The weeks prior to his coming to Holland, I worked almost everyday on another present I wanted to make for him, it was out of crochet; which I had picked up once again while being in Romania over the winter holidays, both for myself and for the sake of this gift.

On his birthday we spent the day at home. I had promised him a particular meal for the occasion so with trembling hands I went to make hamburgers. I was nervous I might goof up one of the things: the bread. As I see it, the bread from a shop is not that good, maybe from a particular bakery that you know they make their own bread from scratch in a healthier way, then yes, but honestly, I doubt there are many and on top of that they are very expensive. Over Christmas I took some of my mother’s yeast so I could make the bread for the hamburgers myself. Truth being told, it actually is sourdough, it is not the same as the yeast you buy at the supermarket or any other shop, but I digress.

The homemade hamburgers my love and I made.

The day before, I had left the little tiny doughs to rest in the refrigerator, I took them out and put them in the oven. My beloved took care of the meat and sauce while I went to cut up the vegetables. Although I had wished to do this on my own, I knew that he would want to help, it is in our nature, we always want to help each other. We ate the delicious lunch while watching “I Dream of Jeannie”, an American TV series from the 1960s.

It was a very filling meal.

With the cake it was a bit of the same, once again he was there to lend a helping hand. The cake is actually a personal recipe, I kind of made it up by looking at several recipes on the internet less than a year ago, it is Iliyan’s favorite cake, because of that its name is “Yan Yan’s Fairy Castle Cake”. It looks a bit like a fluffy cloud with strawberries.

We did forget to buy birthday cake candles —which saddened me greatly— but we had some of those run of the mill small round candles, so we lit it up and turned off the lights. I also wanted to sing “Happy Birthday” to him, but I did not know in which language.

“What do you want, in English or in Spanish?” I asked him all excited.

“In Spanish.”

“Cumpleaños Feliz, Cumpleaños Feliz, te deseamos todos, Cumpleaños Feliz.” I paused briefly feeling my cheeks all warm and red and added “I love you bunny.”

“Yan Yan’s Fairy Castle Cake”.

I was a bit shy and giggly, but I was more than delighted to be able to do all this for him, to wish him a happy birthday.

The presents came right after the cake, a book, the crochet work, a craft made out of tiny beads I made years ago and a personal letter with all my love. We did other little things as well but I do prefer to keep those personal.

When you are a child, birthdays are very exciting, you get presents, cake, loads of attention and friends come over to have fun with you, of course they like that, I did as well! Once you get closer to your twenties you might not want to even bother with it anymore, I actually did not throw a party in the last two years before Iliyan entering my life as my boyfriend. I did not wanted to get presents or to bother with calling friends and preparing the whole thing, instead I just ate a nice meal and a cake in company of my closest family, that was all.

The handsome birthday prince and his childish princess.

I think that Iliyan brings magic to everything in my life, including birthdays. I just hope I also brought that same wonderful magic to his birthday. I am so glad he was born, at least I think I did show him that.


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