Winter magic.

My winter started on the 24th, once I was back with Iliyan and my family, so many things have happened since then! Yet I know it has not been more than two weeks since that lovely date.

New Years Eve.

On New Years my family had invited some of my mother’s cousins to come and dine with us as well as celebrate the coming of the New Year. I had a special present for my fiancé, I had been preparing with my brother two Bulgarian pieces so I could sing them to him; a few days before coming back I had had a Bulgarian concert with those pieces but of course he could not be there, this was my way to make him part of it. I was really nervous, even more than the day of the concert!

My brother took this beautiful photo later in the day.

We drank champagne and saw the fireworks from our balcony, it was cold but Iliyan was hugging me so I felt warmer, as we stood like that we whispered sweet promises, promises that will remain ours.

In general I have been eating a lot, here, back with my parents, I relax quite a lot, I do not have to worry about money or control my meals that much, and I did let go consciously, I know I will lose the extra weight as soon as I get back to school, the dynamic back there is different, I am on the move all the time. Here, I watch films with everyone, write, decorate the Christmas tree and make cookies with Iliyan.

Bulgarian dish called Banitsa, that Iliyan made for all the family and a friend of ours that came to visit us.

One of the days that we made cookies we also made hot chocolate and watched a film together,  one of the warmest and most “comfy” things to do over winter. I do not know if other families have this as well, but Iliyan and I have this sort of “family series” that we enjoy watching any time called “Bewitched”, American TV series from the 60s. It makes me feel like home. Mostly because I share it with my love.

We made gingerbread cookies! And decorated them one by one.

I get very happy when my beloved makes something for my family and —obviously— they all love it! I know he is a great cook as well as a very reliable and hardworking person, but when my parents see it, I get double happy, call it a “beloved’s pride”.

We have not played computer games that much these holidays, but when we did, it was mostly “Don’t Starve Together”, which we even played sometimes with my brother. We probably would have played even more if it was not for our bad internet.

Waiting for the cookies to be done.

I had a reading challenge for this year —of a measly 11 books— yet I was busy over the year so I had the challenge mostly undone, yet I read quite a lot in October, when my school gave us a week of holidays, almost a book per day! After that I could not read any books because my conservatoire was keeping me busy, so the last 3 books I had left I was going to read over Christmas. While I was reading, Iliyan was playing games or reading articles, so it gave us personal time in silence, while being together. I truly enjoy reading, specially now, all warm in the house between the fluffy bed sheets next to my love.

Volume that is part of a small series called “Fairy Oak” which I adore. The little penguin is a present I made to Iliyan, for the times we are far away from each other.

Even though my time here has not been long, we have gone three times to the cinema, two with my whole family and once only Iliyan and I, this last time was also the time I bought the penguin for him and he bought me a novel! The first English novel he has bought for me, I am really excited to read it.

Another thing I have done a lot with my fiancé is talking, things we enjoy, love talk, debates (heated ones as well), silly things, politics, society, about our friends, of the family and of our current worries.

Somehow this outfit of his makes me think of a good schoolboy, it suits him very well.

Today a white cape covers all the streets and roofs, these past two days has been snowing, making our morning view magical. We had to go out twice since it started snowing and I —as always— went jumping around in the tallest patches of snow, I love the sensation of walking through snow when it is even more than 30 centimetres! Today I even threw myself on it. Iliyan says he loves this side of me, of a small child having fun with the snow (and believe me, nobody else does these things, at least not my age!).

The snow is pretty but Iliyan is beautiful.

Although I do not play with toys anymore there is still “one” toy that I enjoy playing with, they are called “Playmobil”, I actually mentioned them in a previous post, because I had mentioned how special it was to be able to share something like this with the person you love. Well, once again we got out my small toy house and arrange it and I even made a little coat for the father of the family! “He looks like a mage.” said Iliyan. It is rather true, he is very dashing and elegant I would say.

Out little cozy cottage!

In Spain, we celebrate also the three Kings that brought presents to baby Jesus. On the night of the fifth to the sixth of January “Los Tres Reyes Magos” (The Three Magical Kings) come and leave presents under the tree for all the children and adults, in a way I think I might like the Kings more than Santa Claus, but both have their piece of enchantment.

The table with the wine and sweets for the Kings.

It is customary to leave three cups with wine and a plate with some sweets for the Kings, so I arranged that with some help from Iliyan and went to bed. In the morning the wine was not there and there was a lovely path of glitter and flower confetti that they left behind, from the table to the tree, and from the tree to the balcony. Ah! Obviously, there were some presents!

The presents brought by the “Reyes”.

Iliyan learned a few days ago how to read in Spanish, we were in bed, barely woken up when I got up and brought a notebook to write the rules, and then he practiced what he learned by reading some Spanish comics. He is rather hard on himself, he wants to be perfect from the beginning, I find it rather cute, but I always encourage him and congratulate him when he does good (which is like, all the time).

My family —and even Iliyan’s family— pride themselves in doing things on their own (as much as possible), so even the task of cutting our hair has always been done in the family, I think I have only being once in my life to the hairdresser; naturally I took upon this tradition by now being Iliyan’s personal hairdresser. I always stress I will do a bad job, somehow it still looks good… I think it is just because he is very handsome.

How can such beauty exist?

Looking back on these holidays, they are filled with many things: talks, food, sweet moments, outings, films, books, caresses, kisses, family, love… and lots, lots of magic. That is why I chose to title this post the way I have, it felt a bit like being part of a warm and magical book, with its ups and downs in the adventure of it.

I feel happy. Winters with Iliyan are the best.

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