“El Libro de los Portales”.

I have had this book on my shelves for a long time until finally, after the author even got another book out, I decided to read it. I think that, as always with her books, I was waiting for a special moment to start it, but truly that moment is whenever you decide it is.

I had just read “Todas las Hadas del Reino” (All the Fairies from the Kingdom — her previous book) when I started this, so at first it was a bit of shock, going from one style of writing, and story, to another (because I did feel a quite big change), then slowly I got more and more into the story —as I always do when the book I am reading is good and I like it— until I imagined everything that was happening as if I was one character more!

The cover is a portal into the story.

“El Libro de los Portales” (The Book of Portals) is a book by Laura Gallego García, a very well known Spanish writer who mainly writes fantasy for young adults. She has been my favorite writer for a very long time. The book is set in a sort magical Medieval realm. It starts with one of our main characters, Tabit, a student at the Academy of Portals, a place where you learn everything that entails in creating a portal.

Since the book is originally in Spanish and has only been translated to Polish, I took it upon myself to translate the description of the book for anybody who wants a simple insight on the story.

The painters of the Academy of Portals are the only ones who know how to draw the extraordinary travel portals that constitute Darusia’s most important communication and transport network. Its rigid norms and its exhaustive training guarantee an impeccable professionalism and technical perfection in all their works.

When Tabit, a senior at the Academy, is commissioned to paint a portal for a humble peasant, he does not imagine that he is about to be involved in a plot of intrigues and secrecy that could shake the very foundations of the institution.

The story had a good pace and the characters were logical considering their reality, not just some made up people for the sake of the story. Sometimes some books make everything seem too 2D, like everything it is really on paper, not a whole world with a story like reality. Laura always achieves this sensation of actually being in the story, and making you feel the book becomes an actual reality like the one you are living.

I loved the novel, it was as good as all her previous works, the whole world of portals became in a way my own, resonating with my soul.


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