Christmas with a sweet dragon and a silly unicorn.

For a long time Christmas was a magical time for me, as a child I guess it is not so unusual to enjoy this holiday, yet as one grows older nobody really feels like putting any effort, decoration and other stuff of the sort. The year prior to starting to date Iliyan we did not even put up the tree, what was the purpose of doing so? We still had to put it back after three weeks or so, it was just too much hassle.

Last year, however, I was already with Iliyan, so once this season was coming nearer I was really looking forward to it, it was going to be my first Christmas with him!

Our Christmas tree on the 24th!

We did many things together that Christmas, I was so excited all the time, everything was more than fun; preparing the presents, putting up the tree, decorating the house, wearing couple t-shirts, cooking, eating with the family…

This year we were very happy to know that we could once again spend Christmas together! Every year we make a little list with things we would like to do while spending the Winter holidays together, so this year we also did that!

Christmas morning after opening some of the presents.

I arrived home on the 24th, at twelve and a half in the morning, we got home and went to bed rather late. The next morning we put up the tree and placed our presents. In my case I also had to pack up my presents for everybody, I was afraid the paper could get ruined in the luggage. My beloved helped me to pack the ones for my family and the ones for him I “made” my brother help me. On Christmas Eve we had decided we would make sushi for dinner, so my partner, my brother and myself were in this dynamic of fabric while making them, we were done quite fast! My father had bought fresh tuna for the occasion. We felt christmasy so we had planned to watch “The Muppets Christmas Carol” from 1992, I really enjoyed watching this film with my significant other.

Somehow we went to bed again quite late, we just cuddled in bed making each other smile, laugh, giggle, feel pleasure and talked over and over. I had missed this, this magic of being with the person who makes me feel as if I am in a fantasy novel full of dragons and unicorns.

Cuddling and talking at night on Christmas Eve.

On the morning of the 25th we woke up around noon, my mom was rather impatient to open the gifts, so we took a short shower and came to open them. Funnily enough we all had similar ideas as to what to give as a gift, because most of the presents, were sweets! A great part of the presents under the tree were for Iliyan and me, not all were sweets, but for the rest, it was a carnival of candies. Some presents we even opened in the intimacy of our room, it was more personal so we chose to do that. I loved everything Iliyan gave me, specially the little book to learn Bulgarian that he made for me, a one edition original that only I have!

To be honest, the presents that we prepare for each other mostly require of our own effort, we like giving things that are partly or entirely made by us, it makes it more special and personal.

Iliyan opening one of the presents I gave him.

This year lunch was going to be only with my close family, so we chose some simple clothes for the day, our silly tradition being the couple t-shirts of “Game of Thrones”. After that we went to help with lunch, my fiancé and I were in charge of making the arepas (Canary Islands typical dish), my brother of frying them, my mom of making the sauce, my dad of putting up the table and then we all helped around with the ingredients that we would put in them. Arepas are a Rojas family staple dish. It was delicious.

Our fancy and delicious table of arepas!

Yesterday we even wrote Christmas and New Years postcards for our close friends and families, I had never written this type of holiday postcard to anybody (with the exception of Iliyan), it was really nice to write them together and send them from both of us. Hope they arrive safely.

For me, Christmas had lost part of its charm in these past couple of years, that was until Iliyan came into my life, then my whole life changed in a way, because in my eyes, he was and still is as if he came out of a book, those fantasy ones, with adventures through vast lands from far away, with wizards that enchant creatures and with sweet courageous love that gives us the strength to always fight. When I look at him I see a mighty dragon, full of love and wisdom, showing me all the magic that I once saw when I was younger.

I am back to believing in unicorns, to being a unicorn.


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