The reencounter: a long distance relationship tale.

Today, Friday the 23rd of December, I am seeing Iliyan in person… after four months of being apart. It might sound like quite little, and maybe compared to other couples in our same situation it is, but for us, it has been an eternity and a half.

In a way I actually like our situation; our hearts go crazy hours before seeing each other again, the night before neither of us can sleep and we are filled with adrenaline constantly because of how nervous we feel. Right now I feel as if I am meeting him for the first time, is it not crazy? I love this feeling.

We talk a lot while each one of us is preparing and packing, a lot of questions are asked: “Should I bring this? What about this? Can you please wear that black shirt I love?”. This time we were also very busy preparing the Christmas presents for each other and our families. Since I could not sleep the day before traveling, I was actually finishing one of Iliyan’s presents and packing it with a lot of care and love, it looks really childish!

Some days ago Iliyan sent me that beautiful and sweet Christmas postcard, my first one ever!

My beloved had to go to bed earlier than me since we have an hour difference and he had his train very early in the morning, he gives me my night blessing full of kisses and love and we close the call. But I do not really go to bed until 4 in the morning, because my heart keeps hurting and my whole body feels weak from the overwhelming emotions of what is about to come. I toss around the bed, watch videos, listen to music, think about him and… finally fall asleep.

This morning I woke up at the hour in which Iliyan was getting on his train, we make sure we are okey and ask if we slept, apparently he has slept even less than me, 2 hours?! Dear goddess, we truly are hopeless. But nonetheless we are both very happy and continue our own journeys, I get everything ready to go out and catch my own train to get to the airport in Amsterdam.

I got very early to the airport, so I sat down in a very nice spot where I could place my laptop and chat with my fiancé while waiting for my flight. We comment several times how excited we feel to be able in a bit to hug each other, what we feel is the same, our words describing it are the only ones a bit different. And what we love is the fact that we are finally able to say “See you tonight.” it still does not seem real.

This airport is truly fancy, I was very comfortable here.

Iliyan gets safely to my mom and brother who came to pick him up from the station and I wait to board my plane. Before my internet disappears I tell him I love him.

Now in the plane, the small screens show the passengers where we are and how much time there is left to get to our destination: 1 hour and 18 minutes.

These long months or weeks in which you can not be with your significant other prove to help strengthen several aspects of your relationship, it is easier to deal with many things when you live in the same city and you can see each other, but when you are apart, you have to make extra efforts. That is why I actually like this period in our life, we will be together at some point and I can not wait for that, but I also see the benefits of our current situation.

We are landing! Gosh my heart is racing.

Half an hour later I see his face, my heart can not contain its excitement anymore, so I jump into his arms and tremble for what seems to be an eternity, then our gazes meet once again and we kiss tenderly, his lips feel so soft “Were they always like that?” I wonder. Everything feels new yet like home. We smile and kiss over and over while hugging each other.

‘Tadaima.’ (I am back) I say.

‘Okaeri.’ (Welcome back) he replies.


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