The gaming galaxy and the tiny star who just started out.

In all honesty, I was never much the type of person that goes crazy over computer, console or any type of game, I had a few times during my childhood and teens in which I played some games, but it was the type of one week hype that you play 10 hours a day and then completely forget the whole thing.

Our Japanese house that we built in “Starbound”.

I did enjoy some of the games that I played from time to time, but I was already an avid-reader-anime-watching-busy girl, so putting also games into the list was not really possible, for lack of time.

However, since I started dating Iliyan, I have had the opportunity to learn more about games because he, unlike me, was good at it and put time into it, it is also the way he learned English as I said in a previous post. With him, I am discovering a new world.

Because I do not know that much what is popular, good, bad, entertaining, etc. Iliyan informs me of what is fun to play, how to play them and answers all my questions about it. Obviously as we started playing I have also discovered which games are more entertaining for me, and which are not —as well as finding out that I lack any patience when I get into a game.

Me playing “Don’t Starve” while Iliyan tried to help me out. Staying alive ain’t easy.

The first game we ever played together was “World of Warcraft”, I was familiar with the game —sort of— because I had seen my brother play it in the past, but still, one is seeing and another one is actually playing. Since Iliyan and I are in a long distance relationship, we find unconventional ways to “date”, from video calls to watching an anime on our respective computers at the same time; playing games was another way for us to date, bond and spend time with each other.

Playing “World of Warcraft” back in October 2015, when Iliyan came to visit me in Holland.

Iliyan was very familiar with WoW so he was all the time guiding me through the game, getting us missions and helping me to carry them out, I felt a bit bad in the beginning, I was not very good at it, quite noticeably since I kept getting stuck whenever stairs were involved, but I digress. I actually more than enjoyed playing the game with him, it was a lot of fun, killing bad guys, finding certain items for some strangers, discovering new territories… every evening after my classes I was playing with him.

That was only the start, from then onwards I kept trying out things, when he would ask me “Would you like to play this game with me?” I always answered “Of course!”. I enjoy sharing this passion of his, not only because it is important for him, but because I actually, genuinely, enjoy it myself.

My smart and sexy mentor playing “Borderlands 2” with me.

Sometimes we also play a game only once or twice and not necessarily play everyday for a longer amount of time, like when we played “Portal 2” and “Don’t Starve”, although we have not played them more because I do not have the games.

When Iliyan came to see me in my exams period he was very excited to introduce me to one of his favorite games ever: “Syberia” —an adventure game. Because it is not a multiplayer game, he was only watching me, giving me some tips and advices from time to time so I did not get stuck for hours in one of the puzzles. I understood very well why he liked the game, I came to love it as well. The whole experience was magical for me, not only because the game was good, but because Iliyan was behind me, encouraging me with his warmth and calm guidance.

Oh, a cute Jigglypuff!

This past summer, we played quite a bit of “Borderlands 2” and mostly the wonderful “Starbound”! Which is a 2D sandbox game —somewhat similar to Minecraft. It gives space to creativity and to explore new worlds both alone or with other players; Iliyan and I built many incredible things on our planet. Needless to say, we played for hours and hours.

And yes, we also joined the “Pokemon GO” craze that swept the world during the holidays, we  had several cute and fun poke dates.

I might have not played many games when I was younger, but that gave me the chance to discover it now with my beloved. The galaxy of gaming is vast and large, however, I am a very lucky star, because I have by my side my wise sun and fiancé, Iliyan. With him, the journey is fun and magical.


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