“The Twistrose Key”.

I bought “The Twistrose Key” by Tone Almhjell after almost two hours of search in a tiny library in Vienna, more than a year ago, I was devouring the books I had brought with me and was in dire need of a new book, but none of the books seemed to catch my eye. Suddenly I came across the beautiful cover of the twistrose. They say you should not judge a book by its cover, but in my case it was also a feeling of encountering something I was meant to pick up and keep. It was as if the book spoke to me.

Yet, I did not read the book until October of this year, always waiting for a special time to do so. And then the Autumn Holiday came along, one week of freedom!

The magic of this tale drips out of its pages through the cover.

I spent two days reading avidly page after page, my mind and heart entering more and more into the story, imagining everything that was described, the scenery, the magic, the adventures, the characters, the fear, the happiness… everything.

Lin is a 11 year old girl, living in a city she does not particularly love, but one day a key marked “Twistrose” arrives for her, Lin finds a secret gate in the cellar of their rented house which leads her to the snowy world of Sylver. In this realm she is reunited with her pet Rufus, whom she thought was dead. Together they embark on an adventure to save Sylver’s Winter Prince. If they fail, all is lost.

The story fell like a waterfall, each drop connected to each other, making sense as it advanced. There were no unfinished threads left along the way, everything was explained fitting perfectly into the narration.

My heart felt a squeeze when I finished the book, and in my head I still hear “The Margrave’s Song”, like a snowy breeze from magical realms. As a singer, I appreciated the lovely score for this mysterious melody that they placed at the end of the book. It has a winter calmness to it.

My whole being felt as if it came back from a long magical trip, a feeling I only get from the books that have connected with me.

If you are still doubting whether you should read it or not, I can only add this: “When the last hope is lost, a Twistrose is called.” You, my dear reader, are the Twistrose called forth, and I, the Rosa Torquata who gives you the Twistrose key to enter the magical world of Sylver.


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