Living on my own for the first time as a young adult.

I can not say it is difficult or special, for some people it is the best thing ever, even if at first it is hard, they are made to live on their own and enjoy it. However, I will tell my own little adventures in this world of adulthood in which you are thrown into at some point in your late teens or early twenties.

I moved to Holland a year and a half ago, to pursue my desire of doing a career in singing, my mother flew in with me to help me find a place and get settled before my school year started. It was rather stressful to find a place and at times we were rather down about it, yet we did find a place and she did help me set up some grounds so I could begin my life here.

Writing a review of a book I had read by Laura Gallego García (my favourite Spanish writer).

My mother then went back to Romania after my second day in school. She told me later, but the last day when she saw me go away on the bicycle towards my conservatoire, she cried. For parents, sometimes it is harder than for us.

The first couple of months I was a bit of a disaster concerning my diet, I wanted so much to help my parents financially I had been buying quite crappy food, resulting in me feeling poorly both mentally and physically. Over Christmas they told me to stop worrying so much and to buy healthy foods, even if they are a bit more expensive. I did, and it was indeed for the better —in a way I knew it would be like that— but one still worries, since it is not your money.

Apart from experimenting with your diet you also do with your schedule, testing your organizing skills.

My packed meals for when I spend more than four or five hours at school, energy boost of yoghurt and fruits!

For the most part of my first year, I was constantly juggling homework, practice and other responsibilities plus basic stuff as sleeping as well as my own free time. It was not well done because there was almost always something that did not get done or it did when there was almost no time left, thus making me stress about it until it was over or feeling tired and cranky because I did not get any free time to talk with my fiancé. Being away from your beloved definitely does not help.

In a way, I did not see the attractiveness of living on my own, how do people like this? But this was really the way I learned the dynamics of my new life, through challenges, errors and success.

I met this funny cat on my way back from the supermarket, it followed me to the door of my house and then continued its own journey through life.

At the end of my first year I was finally a bit better, and even more once my fiancé, Iliyan, came along to help me in my exams period, my place now seems more like a home thanks to him, since it is filled with memories of us.

Now, in my second year, I have turned into a professional at this whole living on your own business; I take very much care with the finances —putting some money aside once a month for emergencies or just in general for the future— bills, expenses, the whole charade. I clean once a week thoroughly and every two weeks the whole house, I buy food only for what I need for the next days so I do not risk throwing food because of going bad (cooking for one is not so easy) and I always cook from scratch. I write EVERYTHING on my agenda, so I am always on top of my studies. I do most of my homework during the week so my weekends are free to spend time with Iliyan, read, write on the blog, draw, etc. Basically, relax and forget about school until Monday.

And example of my colorful and daily homemade meals.

There is a certain rhythm in this new found way of living by myself, I like it, it is comfortable yet I am more busy than ever, because by organizing myself and finding this inner rhythm I have time to get more involved in projects that have to do with my major, keep up with this personal plan of posting on this blog every Saturday, practicing more singing, taking care of the house, shopping, etc. Time management has been the key word to this experience. Because now I can also spend time with Iliyan without stressing I have stuff to do, most of it I have already done it at the conservatoire or it is scheduled to be done later for whatever reason (ex. I need a piano and I do not have one at home).

Am I the type to like living alone or not? Definitely not in love with it, but I know I can do it and be pretty happy most of the days. —I still would 100% prefer to live with Iliyan, but until that is possible, this dynamic I found and Iliyan’s constant support is getting me through this stage in my life.

My night table with the book I was currently reading and a photo of my fiancé that is always there.

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