How do you date in a long distance relationship? 7 activities you can do while apart.

Some people say that once they start to be in a long distance relationship they struggle staying in contact with their significant other, they might feel that their relationships is slipping through their fingers, and believe it would not be like that if they could see each other face to face and date like most couples do.

Long conversations on a video call are my favourite thing.

Now, although some couples might discover with time they do not want to be with the other person forever or for the long run, many others wish to stay together but also find it hard because of the lack of physical contact, and the ability to go out and share an afternoon in a park, with a couple of sweet smiles and silly glances while talking about their interests.

1. LDR cinema date.

Simple and entertaining, watching a film or a series is a fun activity to share with your significant other, you might not be able to cuddle each other and feel their smell around you, but you get to hear their voice and comment every amusing or interesting thing you see with them.

Watching together “LAST EXILE” two weeks ago.

2. Cooking in two different kitchens.

Iliyan and I enjoy very much cooking together, obviously while we are not physically together we found a different solution to it. We decide on something we both want to eat, cook the same dish at the same time while on a call and finally enjoy it together.

Sushi date.png
Sushi date.

3. Going out on a walk with your phone.

I remember back when I was in Vienna more than a year ago —stayed for two weeks for an audition— I went more than once on a walk around the city while on a call with Iliyan, it was as if we were truly going out on a date and holding hands. Next time there is nice weather where you live, propose your beloved to go out on a walk.

4. Playing a computer game.

This one might be a bit hard to apply for certain couples who are not into playing computer games, but if either of you or both play, it is one of the most enjoyable activities Iliyan and I share, it is pleasant and engaging for both of us specially because at the moment he is my mentor in this whole world, making the whole experience new for both of us. He is very patient and supportive and also gets a hell of a kick out of my Spanish frustration rants.

I love playing World of Warcraft with him!

5. Reading aloud through distance, the modern poem evening.

It is the perfect chance to relish in your lover’s voice and it is as easy as grabbing an article or book you liked and start reading it aloud to your partner. This is also a great starting point to then either discuss what you have read or the subject that it speaks about; we have had many long conversations about a particular topic thanks to a book, article or any other type of text.

6. Sharing your past and present with them.

Showing them stuff that have to do with your passions or childhood is also a great way to bond, you put on your camera and show them your room or your secret box full of sentimental trinkets, that special spot in the town were you live, the park where you used to play, the school you attend, etc. You get to discover their past and see their usual daily life as well, even if it is through a camera or a video.

7. Sometimes silence is the best way to feel close.

As bewildering as it might sound, I actually enjoy being in silence with him quite a lot. Inherently it is not exactly an activity, for you do not completely engage on something with them, however I find it relaxing, for I know he is there for me as I am for him. I can be reading a novel and he can be working on his computer, from time to time we ask each other how we are doing and continue staying together in this peaceful silence.

Dating —no matter in which form— should be joyful and special.

I adore his cooking.

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