“When Marnie Was There”.

I have always loved reading books, particularly the kind that are of fantasy genre or just have a warm feeling of home.

I have not read a book so fast in a long time, and to be honest these past few years I have not read much in general, which saddens me, I used to spend days reading and reading, forgetting to eat or do anything else but letting myself be engulfed by the magical words which formed stories of long forgotten times and lands. I miss those days. However Marnie took me back to those times.

Slow and warm mornings are my favourite.

When Marnie Was There” is a book by Joan G. Robinson that takes you through the countryside of England, a small village by the sea side of Norfolk specifically. Reminds you of the way you used to play as a kid in the countryside, and personally, still do, (I am a child at heart). I felt all warm and relaxed as I was reading, as if I was there with Anna, spending a lazy summer among the sandhills and marshes.

Anna, a quiet 12 year old, is sent to a calm village to spend her summer, there she meets the mysterious girl Marnie that lives by the old Marsh House. They form a strong friendship, something Anna had never had before because of her feeling of being always “outside” of any group. Despite this, Marnie suddenly one day disappears the same way she appeared.

The book also keeps you a bit in the shadows, you do not get to understand the whole picture until you reach the end, putting together the threads little by little.

Towards the end I even started to tear up slightly, the story although simple and light at first glance, managed to reach my heart. It might have made me cry but it was not out of sadness, not really, it was that type of sad-joyfulness one experiments when something touches them. I enjoyed the book more than I could express with words.


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