Pampering, the soft pillows of love.

Iliyan and I love pampering each other, most couples love doing it as well, but depending on each country and culture this may vary, even the definition of what is considered pampering might change.

We all have loads going on in our lives, and as we get more independent and carry more responsibilities we also start piling up stress and tiredness. A relationship as well is hard work, it is an amazing and magical experience but like anything it requires some effort, specially in the beginning when you are still setting the grounds.

With all this going on, sometimes you just wish you were five years old again so your mother or father can come to carry you and pamper you with attention and love. But hey, who said it had to stop back when you were a child?

Iliyan cooking for me.

The other day I had my first yoga lesson, the hour ended with some relaxation and our teacher even offered to put some blankets on us, I agreed to it quite surprised, and as she was tucking me in, she said:

‘It’s nice isn’t it? Nobody tucks us in anymore.’

My first thought was “Not necessarily true, Iliyan does that for me and I for him.” but I did not voice it out, I just smiled. I do understand what she meant by that, it is true that most of us do not get that anymore as soon as we turn into an adult.

When I was done with all my exams last school year, Iliyan said that he wanted to celebrate it and pamper me on the day of my last exam, and bought ingredients to make a risotto and a caprese salad. On our way home we also bought Italian ice cream so we could have it later in the afternoon.

The amazing, super delicious risotto and caprese!

On that day I had been all morning stressed and uneasy about the results of a previous exam; finally I went to talk to my teacher and asked him if everyone in my group had passed, he said that we had. However, I was still worried, Iliyan saw this and tried his best to make me laugh.

I had not eaten risotto in years and my favourite Italian salad has always been caprese, so I was really excited about this menu. He has always been amazing at remembering these silly details. His sweet attentions and constant ‘Go and sit down, I am taking care of this’ made me feel all fuzzy. I was being pampered rotten.

My whole feeling from the early morning had disappeared. I was all relaxed and happy eating ice cream in bed with him, enjoying the sweetness that both, the ice cream and him, had.

Momma and baby ice cream.

I felt like a princess… Protected by her dragon.

I had needed that, after all the stress with the exams finally being able to relax was actually hard. But he was there, pampering me in soft pillows of love.

Pampering goes both ways, giving it and receiving it, it makes us feel protected and cared for as well as giving us positive energy for the next coming challenges in life. Hug your significant other, kiss their forehead and pamper them.

Iliyan resting on my lap while traveling form Bulgaria to Romania by train.

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