Giving strength and support to each other.

Regardless if you are in a long distance relationship or not, having the support of your beloved is essential, of course you should have the energy and motivation to do things on your own but we know very well that having your family, friends or your significant other backing you up provides a support that you cannot give yourself, it keeps you happy in the process of life.

One feels cared for when the other person is next to you, so to say. Two weeks ago I started my second year in the conservatoire, and although I had come with new energies from spending the summer with my fiancé it was obvious that I was gonna have some hard times, already by the amount of hours per day I had of classes. But Iliyan had a little present on my way.

He had told me he was going to send a big envelope with a surprise, I was curious but I waited until it would come.

A week ago it came —I was very excited as one may very well guess— inside there was a brand new agenda that I could use to organize myself in regards to my studies, within the pages of it there were two little hidden notes that contained sweet words. A loving letter accompanied the surprise as well as a map to my favorite Bio shop in the city. Lastly, he had added a brochure of a place he had recently went with his family, to which I had not been able to go with him and had been sad about it, it was his way of making me part of it.

Love takes many shapes.

I felt supported by him. His attention, love, care and interest in my own passions made me feel as if he had my back, whispering comforting and caring words.

I try of course to give this back to him as much as I can, asking him how his job hunt is going, or how a game he is making is progressing, reminding him to take care of his teeth, etc. And he does the same. This present that contained surprises might be simple and silly to the eyes of others, but for me, it was exactly what I needed, a boost of energy nobody else can give me but him.

So support each other, send letters, call often, play games together, talk and talk hours on end… However, in the end, just love each other, that is what truly gives any human strength in life.

P.S. A present is on his way now. But shhhh, don’t tell!


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