A short guide as to how to travel with a plane when tired.

I have been traveling most of my life with my family, but lately since I became an adult by age well, I travel alone.

When it comes to traveling I usually have no problems, I know what I need to do to make the trip comfortable and avoid losing my nerves when going through certain procedures. But if I am tired I try to take even more care.

Probably most of you have traveled before with a plane, nowadays it is not something unusual so this are only little tips I came up with based on my experiences and what I have heard around when your level of endurance is below zero.

1). Try to always bring something to eat with you.

Most people are too lazy or prefer to give their whole fortune and first borns when paying for a sandwich at the airport instead of preparing one from home, honestly you are already paying a lot for the plane, why pay even more for their flavorless food?

2). When choosing hand luggage go for something comfortable to carry around.

Specially if you have more than one flight having an uncomfortable hand luggage will be visible once your back starts to ache or in general your body screams for a bed. I know for one that it tires me even more the fact that I have to constantly move around my hand luggage because some part of my body started hurting.

3). Passport and plane ticket as handy as possible!

Again, something that probably sounds common sense, yet I have seen many people juggling things in their hands trying to get out their ticket and/or passport from wherever they have it. Most of the time the best thing is to have it in your hands and if not in an outer pocket of your hand luggage, then you will not look like you just came out of the Cirque du Soleil.

4). Pay attention to the rules and procedures of control.

It might be inevitable that sometimes you forget that you could not bring your nail clipper with you in your hand luggage, but as much as you can always check that you do not have objects that will make the control stop you and open your preciously organized backpack or suitcase, because at least for me and most people I have asked it is something that only helps to irritate you or tire you even more.

5). Bring with you something that relaxes you.

Whether it is music, a book or doing any activity that will make you forget the tiredness it is always good to have something, if not your brain will mostly think about what is displeasing at the moment.

6). Wear comfortable clothes.

I am surprised how many people I see wearing something that looks like pain after hours of traveling, you can be fashionable and still be comfortable. You have to take in account how long you will stay in the plane without being able to move, if I could, I would go in my pajamas! Ok, no, but still, think of your body and go for loose and comfortable fabrics.

7). Take with you an empty bottle.

Water seems to be holy water in the airports and planes, because that price can not be the price for normal and plain water. And in many cases the tap water is the same as the one you have in the bottle, if you still prefer to buy it then do so but honestly I recommend bringing an empty bottle and filling it up later after you have passed the controls.

8). Annoy your loved ones.

Another way to get rid of the tiredness is annoying your family, friends or significant other. Of course I am joking, but if you can call someone to talk it will definitely make you forget your tiredness and/or bad mood, probably it will even give you some positive energies for the trip!

First time flying together towards Romania for the summer holidays.

Lately most of my travels have been with a plane, and in 99.9% of the cases going to or coming from seeing my fiancé.

When having to go away from him I am really tired, and almost anything will tire me even more, so taking that into account I try to make my travels more easy going which in the end makes the trip a bit more comfortable.


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