Christmas markets in Bucharest.

I have gotten more and more into sightseeing since I have been with Iliyan, so now I have a phone and camera full of photos of things we have seen in Bulgaria, Romania and Holland! But to be completely honest I wanted to share that with other people who might share my newly discovered interest.

As in many other countries over the December month, here in Bucharest you also start seeing how Christmas markets pop up everywhere, and as luck has it, Iliyan, my brother and myself went to the one they had put in “Universitatea” on the street “Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta”.

First thing I noticed was how full of people it was, it was rather hard to move around, then again, we discovered the reason quite fast: food stalls.

As customary in Romania, lots of sweets.

The first thing I really wanted to eat were the churros. I hadn’t eaten them in years! And Iliyan had never tried them, so we bought a funny paper sombrero with them inside and ate them (and yes, they were delicious).

The lights around the whole market were really pretty and many of the non-food-stalls had nice artisanal products of all types. Some were typical Romanian clothes, souvenirs and kitchenware, and others were just handmade objects that were not necessarily traditional.

Later my parents joined us and we bought some “spiral potatoes”, not sure if they are actually called like that but hey, that’s how they looked!


Needless to say they were very good, you could even choose what spices to put on (they had pizza, paprika, cheese… lots of options). *cough* Also, we all got a second one. *cough*

This image made all my family laugh, the reason being the guy’s expression together with the big letters behind him that say “Padrino” which means “Godfather” (movie reference)

When finishing with the chapter of eating, we went away from the market and went into a quite known bookshop here in Bucharest: “Cărturești”.

They had really put a lot of effort into their Christmas decoration so I couldn’t resist to take some pictures of it (nor Yan for that matter!).

This bookshop has several shops around Bucharest, they are my favorite because of their unique style of usually choosing an old house, renovating it and turning it into a wonderfully old style yet modern bookshop.

In front of the bookshop we saw something rather unusual for these lands, normal for Japan, but not for Romania. A pink hello kitty motorbike…?



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